Allegro PCB Design Tutorial


Once all the placement has been done we can route the board. To route connection between two points go to Add -> Line and route the wire between the two pins you would like to connect. On the right side of the screen, you can adjust the width and the layer of the line. If you double click while you are drawing, your route will go from the Act (Active Layer) to the Alt (Alternative Layer) with the via type that you have defined previously. If you have defined more than one via, you can select the one that you would like.

To connect a power or a ground net click on a powe or a ground net and the extend the net and then double click. A via will be added. If you want a different via for power or ground select the via before double clicking.

We have included an unrouted board, that you can download from here ( Right click and click save as). Open it in your allegro PCB and try to route this board. It is a four layer board. The second layer has GROUND shape. It has two types of vias. Try to see if you can use the two vias in routing. Also try to change the trace widths as you route.

Here is the youtube showing the steps.

In the next page we will be modifying the silkscreen and doing DRC check.