Allegro PCB Design Tutorial

Let us say, you have a board outline that is not necessary a rectangular shape. You want to fill a copper shape that is x mils inside board outline ? The value of x can be something like 30 mils. You already know one way - to draw it with a combination of the line and arc trying to be just inside it. But this is not a precise or a smart way of doing the thing.

Here is a better way to do. Draw the board outline as you would normall do. Now click on the Edit -> Zcopy. Select Class and Sublass appropriately. For example if you want a shape on the top layer etch select ETCH -> TOP in class and Sub Class. Select Contract in size and give 50 in the offset ( to place a copper pour 50 mils inside).

You can later on assign the net to this Copper plane using the following steps.

- Select menu option Shape-->Select Shape or Void

- Select the shape in question

- RMB and choose 'Assign Net'

- In the 'Options' window, select the net under 'Assign net name'

Here is the youtube showing this.