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rotating a group of components

The problem : Someone asked this question.

I have a group or block of unrouted components. These are placed but not routed yet. How to rotated these components as a group in place of individual components rotating on their own axes. When I rotate the group of compoents, it does not rotate as expected. I dis create temporary groups before rotating. But when I rotate the group, all the components rotate locally but not as one.

The Solution :

Here is the step you need to follow to rotate the components as a group

1. Go to Edit -> Spin
2. Right Click somewhere on the canvas and click "Temp Group".
3. Select the group of components and right click and click "Complete".
4. This is the most important step that you may be missing. On the right hand side look at Options.Under the rotation, in the drop down under Poit -> Select User Pick. By default it is set to sym origin.

Her is the youtube that explains the whole thing.

We have created youtube for it.