Allegro PCB Design Tutorial

Missing Solder Mask in Allegro

In the process of footprint creation, it is possible that the soldermask go missing or is shorter than the pin size. You must therefore check the design for any missing Solder Mask.

First look at our gerber for the Bottom Layer Soldermask ( you will repeat it for the top layer component as well). Go to Manufacture -> Artwork -> Select the one corresponding to Soldermask Bottom > Right click->Display for visibility.

This is the solder mask for the bottom layer.

Now turn on the bottom layer Pins

Soldermask is slightly bigger. So its shape in its color should be visible for all the pins ( Keep the soldermask color in contrast with the pin color)

If the soldermask is missing or smaller you should be able to make it out.

Do the same exercize for top components

This video shows the action.