Allegro PCB Design Tutorial

How to create a new Via in a Design

A typical complex design has at least two different type of vias. For high current carrying nets, we usually use big size via which gives highe power to GND capacitance and more current carrying capacity. For dense and signal traces, we usually use smaller via.

What if you need to create a new type of via ? There is a two step process for this. In the firs step we create a via ( by changing an existing via) and in the second step we make it available to the design in the Contraint Manage.

1. Go to Tools -> Padstacks -> Modify Existing Padstack

2. Pick up an existing via pad or any through hole via for that matter.

3. Modify the hole and pad size of this via.

4. Save this with a new file name.

5. Now go to Setup -> Constraint -> Physical -> In the Physical Contraints All layers, add the new via you just created.

This video shows the action.