Allegro PCB Design Tutorial

Increasing the Number of Layers in Allegro PCB

At some point of time, it may happen that the number of layers used in the design is not sufficient, and you need to add more layers in Layout. The additional layers could be power and ground layers or could be signal layers.

Here are the steps required to increase the number of layers.

1. Go to Setups -> Cross Section

2. Right Click on the layer ablove which you want to add more layers and then click "Add layer above". Do it twice to add two layers.

3. One of the two added layers will be dielectric and the other will be either Plane or Conductor as you want.

4. Re arrange the dielectric thickness so as to make the total to 63 mils ( or as you want it). If it has controlled impedabce traces, make sure that the impedance values are achieved.

This video shows the action.