Allegro PCB Design Tutorial


You may like to move the silkscreens, so that they stay at right place. To do it click Edit -> Move or Edit -> Spin for each silkscreen text. Choose Text in the Find Tab.

The height and the width of the Silkscreen or any text can be changed using Setup Text sizes. Each text ( a class and a subclass) belong to one of these Text sizes. If you see silkscreens of different sizes for different components, it is time to make them all equal. Check which of the size is desired by checkinh Setup -> Text sizes. Now

Set the Display -> Color Visibily -> All invisible. Now set Display pf only component -> Ref Desn -> Silkscreen Top to ON. This will set only the visibility of top silkscreen layer to ON. Now go to Edit Change -> In the class select Ref Desn and subclass Silkscreen top. In the Text Block- select the desired Text block number. Now click on each reference designation you want to change. You may select all of them of you want all of them to be changed. Now repeat the same thing with bottom reference designation.

At the end of this excercise we should have all reference designations of desired size an they should be at desired place.

DRC Errrors

To check DRC Errors, go to Tools -> Update DRC. If it shows any error you will have to rectify it before proceeding. The DRC error will not, however catch if there is any unconnected net. To check for any unconnected net, go to -> tools -> Reports -> Select Unconnected POins Report -> Double click to drop it in the bottom window and select it. Then click report. It will show any unconnected net.

This will check of any DRC errors and unconnected nets errors. We should now be ready to generate gerber.

In the next page we will be generating the gerber.