String Variable in PHP

In the previous chapter we briefly learned learned about string variable. Let us learn more about strings.

Combining two strings

A . operator can be used to combine two strings. As an example.

$text1 = "My Name is John .";
$text2 = "And I live in MA, USA";
$text3 = $text1.$text2;
echo  $text3; 

It prints out
My Name is John .And I live in MA, USA

This is also called String Concatenation. We can use a combinatin of variables and constants to concatenate two or more strings. Take a look at the following example. It gives output something like

My Name is John .And I live in MA, USA

strlen() function - Finding String length

To find the length of string you can use the strlen function. Take a look at he folloing code.


$text1 = "It is easy to understand PHP using  Tutorial ";
$length = strlen($text1);
echo  " Length of string is  :".$length; 


This gives the code like this

Length of string is :67

PHP Supports a huge number of strings related functions. We will come back to it again later. Before that we will learn about if then construct.