OrCAD Layout Tutorial

The Design Object

The purpose of this particular tutorial is to create a 4 Layer PCB using OrCAD Layout for the following Circuit.

1. The Schematics has been drawn in Orcad Schematics. If you are not familiar with Orcad Schematics, you may like to take the Orcad Schematics tutorial .

2. Although this "simple circuit" can be done using a two layer board, we are making it 4 Layer board to understand the concepts of Power and Ground Layers.

3. As shown in the Schmatics, the circuit uses three components


4. As far as the functionality is concerned the circuit is used to make an led D1 glow when a Power Supply is connected at the connector J1.

5. Each component will have an associated footprint. We have given the followintg name to the footprint of the components used.

Component Footprint Name

In the next few pages we will be creating footprint of the components before moving on to the layout.

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