QUCS Tutorial with examples

There are a number of Circuit Simulators that come expensive. But we do have some free circuit simulators, that you can use to create your own circuits and simulate it. QUCS, that stands for Quite Universal Circuit Simulator is an open source circuit simulator. In this tutorial we will go through QUCS, set up some basic circuit to simulate using it.

The good thing about QUCS is that, it comes with a GUI, that allows you to set up circuits that you can simulate.

In the backend we have several programs coordinate with the front end GUI to perform tasks. The Analog Simulator, for example, takes in the netlist, performs simulation and produces result.

QUCS also has an inbuilt transmission line calculator that can be used to design, microstrip, striplines, coaxial cables etc.

QUCS also comes with filter synthesis and many other feature. This tutorial will guide through most of the things that you need to get going with QUCS.