Signal Integrity TUTORIAL

Stripline Impedance Calculator

The Calculator Calculates the values of the Characteristic Impedance, Capacitance per unit length and propogation speed.

The Calculator assumes that
1. W/(H-T) < 0.35; 2. T/H <0.25; 3. 1 < er < 15

Note that
1. Increasing W decreases Zo. 2. Increasing H increases Zo. 3. Increasing t decreases Zo, although it has small effect on Zo.

Select the dimension unit of the stripline: mm mils

(Thickness): mm mils
(Trace thickness): mm mils
(Trace width): mm mils
er (Relative permittivity):
(Characteristic impedance): ohms
Co   (Capacitance): pF/cm pF/inch
Tpd  (Propagation delay time): psec/cm psec/inch