SAT Math Practice Test

Javascript Quiz # 3

The Third Javascript Quiz.

Q1. How many buttons are there in an alert box?

A . one
B . two
C . three
D. four

Q2. Which of the following is not a mouse event?

A . onmousescroller
B . onclick
C . onmouseover
D. onmousemove

Q3. Which of the following is not an event that can trigger a Javascript?

A . mouse actions
B . operating system actions
C . keyboard actions
D. timed actions

Q4. Which event is triggered if the browser window is resized ?

A . onload
B . onscroll
C . onresize
D. onnewsize

Q5. Which event is triggered when a field loses the focus ?

A . onmouseout
B . onblur
C . onunfocus
D. onkeyup

Q6. You define a method using ?

A . obj.method
B . obj.method[]
C . obj.method()
D. obj-method

Q7. Which of these statements is true ?

A . arguments are parameters
B . arguments and parameters must have the same name
C . arguments are placeholders
D. arguments are disagreements between parameters

Q8. Which of the following is NOT a valid Alert call?

A . alert('A');
B . alert(a);
C . alert(a+b);
D. alert(#);

Q9. Which event tests if a form field has changed?

A . onsubmit
B . onblur
C . onchange
D. onclick

Q10. When can you not trigger Javascript from an event handler ?

A . when another event is still being processed
B . when Javascript is disabled
C . when the page uses stylesheets
D. when it is running locally instead of on the web

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