Javascript for loop array

Javascrip for statements

The javascript for and continue used to loop through the elements of an array. It is also used to loop through the elements of the object. We will learn it with arrays now. Later on we will have opportunity to use it with objects when we learn that

for .. in Syntax

for (variable in object)
code to be executed
The code in the body of the for ... in loop is executed once for each property. The variable argument can be a named variable, an array element, or a property of the object.


<script type="text/javascript">
Example for
var x;
var uscities = new Array();
uscities[0] = "Boston";
uscities[1] = "Chicago";
uscities[2] = "Austin";
for (x in uscities)
document.write(uscities[x] + "<br />");

The example will loop through all values of the array uscities. It will therefore produce the result as follows.

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