Visual C# Form

It will take you some time to understand the nuts and bolts of the Visual C#. We did a simple Hello world Visual C# exercise in the last tutorial. You should try to keep practising it till you can do it without needing to refer to this text or tutorial. We are going slow as we undertand that a lot of readers are new persons trying to learn C#.

In this tutorial we will learn a few more things about the Windows Form and in the next post we will write a program to calculate the area of a rectangle.

When you click on the File -> New project to start a project, it first prompts a Form. If you click anywhere on the form, with diplays the properties of the form in a window ( by default on the right lower corner). You may change the default settings of this form. We will cover it in brief here.

Change the Form Title

By default the Form title is Form1. You can change the title by clicking on the properties and setting its text properties.In

Change Form Background Color

To change the background color, select the form in Visual Studio and in the property window change the BackColor property to what you need it to be.

We have included this and other many things, like maximize and minimize properties in the youtube video below.

In the next post we will try to accomplish something non trivial - like calculating the area of a rectangle.