AJAX TUTORIAL for beginners and programmers

This tutorial is primarily intended for beginners who want to take an introductory tutorial for AJAX. Although the material is primarily intended for beginners, it can also be used by experienced programmers as reference material.

Pre Requisite

We assume that you are already accustomed to HTML. If not, we suggest that you take a quick beginnners HTML Tutorial .

It is also required that you habe some understanding of javascript. If not, you may like to take a quick beginnners javascript Tutorial .

Practice programming as you learn

One of the key characteristics of this AJAX tutorial is its ability to allow you to make changes in the code online, on the go while you read. This makes the learning curve faster. To understand what we mean, take a look at the two window panes below. The left side window pane has the AJAX code and the right side window pane shows the web page that will be rendered by that AJAX code.


AJAX is basically an interaction between the user and the server. When user inputs something on the webpage, the information travels to the server. The server receives this input, analyses the input and then send backs "some" information to the webpage. The webpage content is updated dynamically based upon this input. Google's auto suggestion and many other similar interactive pages are based upon AJAX.