Spartixed Switches and LEDs

Spartixed has three Switches. The Switch SW1 is used to reload the content of the Flash. You should normally not be using this Switch as the Input Output Switch. The only time this switch needs to be used is when you reload the Flash content.

The location of this switch SW1 is shown below.

Switches SW2 and SW3 are used for General Purpose Input Switched. It is on page 2 of the Schematics.

Notice that, because of the pull up, the Input is at logic level 1 when Switch is not pressed. When Switch is pressed the Input turns low. The Capacitors C41 and C39 serves as partial key debounce.

The location of this switches SW2 and SW3 is shown below.

The Table shows the Pin Numbers corresponding to these pins. This will be required when defining the ucf file.

  Switch     Pin Number  
SW2 124
SW3 126


There are three LEDs on Spartixed - The LED designated D1 is not a general purpose LED. It glows when the Flash Configuration is successully loaded. This section of schematics shows LED D1.

The location of this LED D1 is shown below.

Do not use this LED as a General Purpose Output LED.

The Circuit of the two General Purpose Output LED is shown below.

You need to drive 1 to make these LEDs glow. These are tiny Surface Mount LEDs that will normally not visible until you make them glow. See the relevant code to make them glow.

The location of this LEDs LED1 and LED2 is shown below.

The Pin Numbers of these LEDs are listed in the Table below.

  LED     Pin Number  
LED1 127
LED2 131