Hardware Design of Spartixed

It is a good idea to know the basic design of the Spartixed board. It will help you understant the capability and the limitations of this board. The Spartixed comes with the following features

1. Power from Micro USB Connector
2. Three digit Common Cathode - 7 Segment Display
3. Three Push Button Switches
4. 8 Slide Switches for Input
5. UART Port connected to USB connector
6. I2C EEPROM ( to learn I2C Bus)
8. SPI Bus A/D Converter ( optional)
9. Two General Purpose LEDs.
10. One power LED and a configuration ready LED.
11. 64 Megabit Flash for program.

The Spartixed also has a 3.3V to 1.2V linear regulator. The 1.2V is used by the Xilinx FPGA.

alt : test.pdf
Block Diagram and other details coming soon.