Volume of an oblique Cylinder with lateral height

calculator to Calculate Volume of Oblique Cylinder

An oblique Cylinder is one with bases parallel to each other but not aligned to each other. As a results the lateral surface of the Cyliner appear oblique.

Following is the formula for Calculating the Volume of an Oblique Cylinder if the length of the curver surface is known ( as a in the figure above).

Volume of lateral Cylinder V = B * h

Where, B= Base area of the Oblique Cylinder
h = height of the Cylinder, measured, perpendicular ot the base.
From simple Tignometry we know that, the height h can be expressed in terms of the length of the curved area as
h = a x sin (v)
We therefore have an alternate formula for the volume of Cylnder as
Volume of lateral Cylinder V = B * a * sin (v)

Volume of lateral Cylinder V = pi*r*r *a*sin(v)

where r is the radius of the base
To find the volume of a Cylinder enter the length of the curved surface a, and height h in the Box and hit Calculate button.

Length of Curved surface
Angle v