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Wifi and Bluetooth options on Freescale i.MX6

August 27th, 2015

If you are designing system that uses Freescale's i.MX6, you have following options to include Wifi and bluetooth in your design

1. USB based solutions

Just use any of the stock tiny USB modules available in the market. You have the flexibility to choose anything you wish. From hardware design perspective it simplifies the things. You may want to choose the part that has drivers available. It is easy to verify. Typical cost is $9 each for Wifi and Bluetooth. On the downside, it is not the best solution if you wish to save board space. Also, the modules need to hang out of the board for antenna to work the best.

2. Broadcom based WM-BN-BM-02 module

The wandboard use the module from Edcom Technologies ( Taiwan / China )- that has part number WM-BN-BM-02. The module uses Broadcom 4325 chipset that includes Wifi, Bluetooth and FM Receiver. It is potentially a low cost option. Software support is potentially available from Wandboard community.


3. TI Wi BLE

The TI-WI BLE module from LSR is based upon TI chipset and is priced moderately higher. This module is used in Nitrogen6 board from Boundary devices and therefore the drivers are available and working.


4. TI WiLink 8

A nice module from TI ( for example WL1801MODGBMOCT) is used in some of the designs based upon i.MX6. The price for these modules is in the range of $12 in volumes.

An ideal solution would have been a module similar to the WM-BN-BM-02 but the one that works on USB ports. There are many Broadcom modules available that work on USB port. This will simplify the hardware design, but it complicates the driver development.


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