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Thank You for Supporting NoTixed!

January 29th, 2017

Thank You to everyone for supporting our kickstarter project NoTixed!

We Raised more than %700 our initial funding goal! Again, thank you for everyone who pitched in.

In total backers pledged for a total of 700 Notixed with details as follow.

Early backers - 20
Single Unit - 62
Two Units - 134 x 2 = 268
Five Units - 72 x 5 = 360

Total - 710

Besides this one backer has paid for 30 units to make it a total of 740 Units.

As per shipping, we are manufacturing our boards in China be be able to sell at the low price we promised on kickstarter. Due to the Chinese New Year however,our manufactures factory's are closed until the 7th February for holidays. We had already placed the order for 1000 boards in batches of 300 and 700 on Jan 25th. However, right after we placed the order, we realized that the factories are closed in China because of the Chinese New Year. This means that we will be getting that first set of 300 boards around Feb 20th in place of Feb 10th that we were expecting.

The first 300 boards are still planned to be shipped in February that we promised. The second set of 700 boards will ship 15 days later.

It is now expected that everyone will receive the boards by March.

All early backers will have their rewards shipped with in a week. All US backers will have their rewards shipped with in 3 weeks, and all international backers with in 15 days due to cheap, but time taking shipping methods.

For those who were not able to back the project on kickstarter, we have a pre order page where you can buy it.

Again, thank you to all of our backers.
Best Regards,
Reference Designers.


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