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Spartixed - Update 4/22/2016

April 22nd, 2016

The First batch of 50 Spartixed board arrived from manufacturing house last week and we are able to test at least the following

1. 7 Segment Display
2. LEDs
3. Push Button Switches
4. Slide Switches
5. SPI Flash

The Assembly house made a mistake in swapping two resistors, which resulted in dim glowing of one of the 7 segements of the 7 Segment LED Display. We now have to do swap it back on all 50 boards.


I will let you guess the correct position of R14 and R9 in the picture above.

This is the section of the affected circuit.


The good news is that these boards are built with LX9 ( 144 Pins) and not the LX4 as initially suggested on Kickstarter.

Yesterday ( on 4/21/2016) we shipped 7 Spartixed to the US backers who wanted only the Spartixed ( and not the programmer). These should work well with Xilinx Platform Cable ( including the ability to program the in built Flash).

We then moved on to test the Board and the ability to program the board using the low cost Reference Designer's USB programmer - XIFT1. It worked wonderfully and we were able to program the Xilinx board using XC3SPROG.EXE. The

Everything worked fine till we started trying to program the Flash using XC3SPROG.EXE. It turned out that XC3SPROG.EXE will not recognize Winbond W25Q16DVSSIG that was populated on our board. We then replaced the Flash with Macronix Part No MX25L6445EM2I-10G and it worked like charm.

With this we have the Spartixed and the low cost USB programmer both verified. We are now all set to start shipping the boards early next week when the USB programmer arrives. We will have test these before we can say anything with certainty.

We will be publishing more details about the project and more details need to be placed as the boards ship.

Update 4/23/2016

While the Macronix Part No MX25L6445EM2I-10G will work with XC3SPROG, Xilinx iMPACT is not happy with it. The MX25L6445 is not listed as one of the SPI Flashes supported in its list. Fortunately there seem to be a work around mentioned here . Basically you need to create and set environment variable XIL_IMPACT_SKIPCODECHECK to 1 in your computer and choose N25Q64 as the device fixes it.

A better option could be to use a Flash device that is supported in iMPACT as well as XC3SPROG. The iMPACT tool lists following 64 MBit flashes that needs to be tried.

Atmel - AT45DB642D
Micron - M25P64
Micron N25Q64

More update later.


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