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SnapEDA - to provide open source hardware resources ?

September 15th, 2013

The problem with starting a new hardware design is the lack of resources - unlike the software where a huge number of open source software exist to jumpstart your software biz.  SnapEDA    attempts to change it by trying to provide all resources including open platform with support for footprints, schematics and a conglomeration of designers who can collaborate to bring out a new hardware design.

Natasha Baker, the brain behind SnapEDA, has an impressive background, having worked at Analog Devices and National Instruments. Her experience at Thomson Reuters gets her marketing advantage, otherwise not available to a mainstream star tup aspirants. No wonder, even when her website it in beta stage, she found mention in the techcrunch.

Baker was present at Disrupt’s Startup Alley this year, where she demonstrated her platform. Natassha says that SnapEDA is essentially a Github for hardware.  The community based around sharing CAD design for components footprint and symbols in circuit boards and electronics, including tools that allow schematics to be downloaded in a variety of formats compatible with all leading CAD programs, including, for example Allegro, Altium, PADS Power PCB, Cadstar and others.   A community validation tools  allow users to point out the problems with schematics or the footprint or to verify that they work correctly.

Besides the Schematics Symbols and Footprints SnapEDA also show data sheet, specs and the pricing and parts availability. Do you remember findchips

SnapEDA  plans to offer  CAD files that are convertible to every format - something that has not been done earlier.

There are reasons why SnapEDA may take off. But it needs to focus on reliable availability of the parts database. It will have to spend its own time to provide a good amount of database before the crowd sourced design files start to take off.


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