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SAT Math practice test online

February 26th, 2013

Reference Designer, have ventured into education field. We are happy to state that we have extended the tutorials for SAT as well. Starting today, we have the SAT Math practice tests available. You can check out the practice tests here. We will have a lot of study material as well as tips and techniques for success in SAT coming soon.

The SAT material will come in three parts. First the individual lessons itself. Second, the practice tests for the lessons itself. And finally the practice test for the whole course. The best way to learn is to read a lesson and then go through the practice test of THAT lesson. The key to the learning is to learn the chapter again if you made any mistake in any of the practice tests. And possibly take the test again.

We strongly hope that you will have a lot to learn with this study material and lessons. Though we have started with mathematics, we will be bringing more subject matter soon.


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