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Rendering Math equations in HTML

March 4th, 2013

At referencedesigner.com we were working on a large number of tutorials. Some of these tutorials were related to Math and Physics which required the usage of mathematical equations. We initially tried different ways to implement these equations. One of them was using the Math add on in the Microsoft Office. Using the HTML codes, it is possible to render some of the math formulas - like square root etc. A judicious choice of table and subscript and superscripts can render some of the equations well.

But it became clear that all of these methods have one flaw or the other. At times, it becomes tedious to render these equations correctly and one wonders if we are progressing forward or backwards with the advent of technologies. A paper and pencil, method invented centuries ago is way better than the "modern" way of representing the equations. Just think of the pain of rendering Integral and differential calculus and you can see my point.

Fortunately the quest has been addressed, at least to the great extent with the advent of the scripts which help to solve these problems. With these scripts you add a javascript file at the beginning and then you write simpler equations with will convert the visual look of the equations.

Mathjax is one such script and we have been impressed by its look and functionality. And for this reason, we have come up with a tutorial for the Mathjax itself. It can be found here. We hope that you will find it useful.

I think that there is a wordpress add on for Mathjax, but we have not checked it out. May be some other time.


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