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Reference Designer in Media and more Calculators

We wanted to place all the references to the Reference Designer at one place and hence this post. Our tutorials have been referenced in many educational websites.

One of our products ( ArduinoPixed) has been mentioned in Raspberry Pi Magazine.

We are also taking this post to update new calculators available at Reference Designer.

1. ArduinoPixed on MagPi Magazine

MagPi - the official Raspberry Pi Magazine reviewed ArduinoPixed and their verdict has endorsed the Reference designer's Arduinopixed. Giving 9 out of 10 it says - "A quick build, even quicker software setup, and you’re away with a fantastic marriage of Arduino and Raspberry Pi." Check the MagPi post - here

2.  Sant Louis Area Microwave Society 

Has mentioned the dBm to Watt Calculator in its list of Calculators - Check the Society Page here

3. Calculators

We realized that some of the calculators are un noticed - we we wanted to put them on one place.

  1. Angle between Vectors - Here is a tutorial that calculates the Angle between two vectors in 3 Dimension - check it out.
  2. pH Calculator - Here is it


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