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Raspberry Pi Zero W - Includes Wifi and Bluetooth

February 28th, 2017

Yesterday, we saw the launch of Raspberry Pi Zero W, the integrated Wifi and Bluetooth in the same board. The price has been increased from $5 to $10. With this integration the Pi Zero becomes more useful and you can do many more things with it.



The Pi Zero availability is suffering from the same availability issue as the Raspberry Pi Zero at the launch. When we checked at different websites for it on 2/28/2017 at 8:00 AM, it was out of stock on all websites. These are however being sold as an add on which Pi Hut says "Raspberry Pi Zero W with essential kit".

USB Hub Still missing

The one components still missing with Pi Zero W is the USB Hub. All you have a only a single Micro USB Connector. Possibly once you set up a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse you should be good to go. However, if you wish to hook a USB based Keyboard or a mouse, you are out of luck.

How it impacts the Reference Designer Add on Boards

Reference Designer Add on boards Hubpixed, HubPiWi and HubPiWi Blue were designed to mate with the Test Points available on the rear of the Pi Zero. The newer version of the Pi Zero still seems to have the Test Points, but its position might have changed. We will know it for sure when we get the samples in our hands. The HubPiWi and HubPiWi Blue will gradually be phased out, as with the Wifi and Bluetooth are already included in the newer Pi Zero W. A newer version of the Hubpixed that we will call as HubPixed W - will be designed and will be made available in about 3 weeks.

If you already have the Raspberry Pi 1.3 version, you can make it useful by purchasing Hubpixed, HubPiWi or the HubPiWi Blue. If you have purchased or are planning to purchase the Pi Zero W - you may want to wait for the release of the Hubpixed W to make these more useful.

We welcome the launch of the Pi Zero W - the only missing thing in it is the integrated USB Hub. The Pi Zero may want to integrate the USB and make this product more useful.


The rear side of the board says -"Uses Antenna technology Licensed from Proant AB". The rear side also includes its FCC ID - 2ABCB - RPI0W

Update - Pogo Pin Alignment

We took some side by side pictures of the rear side of the Pi Zero with Pi Zero W and these align pretty close to the extent that we may expect the Hubpixed to still work.




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