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Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3 releases - Adds Camera

Update on the Hubpixed and HubPiWi

We took a closer look at the test point arrangement ( See the picture below). It looks like the position of the test points PP22 an PP23 ( for USB+ and USB-) has not changed. However, the position of PP1 has shifted a bit back.

So it looks like we will have to keep two versions of Hubpixed and HubPiWi - one that supports version 1.3 and one that supports the earlier versions. Stay tuned.

Original Post

The big news is the release of Raspberry Zero 1.3 that adds a Camera opening up a whole new possibility for enthusiasts. For example you can mount it on your door which will send you a picture of the person as soon as he presses your ring.

For reference Designer, the key question was - whether two of its products Hubpixed and HubPiWi will continue the to work. This is the question Ian asked

New Pi Zero with small physical changes to board. Will this still work with new version ?

To clearly answer the question, I will need the newer version in my hand. Unfortunately, when I checked the stock at Micro Center and other places, there was none. So I have to rely upon the information available now. Fortunately, I saw this rear picture of the Pi Zero 1.3.


If you look at the position under the two USB Micro connectors, these "seem" to be at the same position as the earlier Pi Zero. There seem to be little reason the position of these 4 test points will change, unless they run out of space routing the traces for the Camera Connector.

So, my answer as of today is - that the Hubpixed and HubPiWi "should" continue to work with the newer Pi Zero 1.3. I am heading ebay or at any other place to get hold of the Pi Zero 1.3. I will confirm the answer, as soon as I get these.

In the meantime look at the HubPiWi at kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1728237598/hubpiwi-raspberry-pi-zero-hub-with-wifi-no-cable-c/


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