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Programming ArduinoPixed

November 15th, 2018

The Arduinopixed comes pre programmed with bootloader. If however, you need to re program the bootloader, this blog should help you. Here are the list of the steps you need to follow.

1. Please purchase an Arduino Nano v3.0 board. These are available for under $2 - for example
Make sure you buy the one that has bootloader preloaded. In the Arduino Nano with preloaded bootloader, it will blink with LED when powered ON.

2. Make a 6 Pin Cable - One end will connect to Arduino Nano board and the other end will connect to ArduinoPixed Board ( J5 Connector) . The connection will be as follows

Figure 1 : Pinout Connection between Arduino Nano and ArduinoPixed

3. Install Arduino IDE on a Windows Computer and start the Arduino Program

4. Connect the Arduino Nano with the Computer using a USB Cable. Make sure you are able to download a LED Blinking example program on it.

5. Add a 10uF Cap on the Arduino Nano board between its RESET PIN and GND ( Notice that you will have to remove this capacitor if you wish to do the step 4 above again).

6. In the Tools -> Board menu select the item that corresponds to the Arduino in which you are going to burn the bootloader(in this case, Arduino Nano w/Atmega 328 again). Then go to the Tools->Programmer menu, and select “Arduino as ISP” instead of the default “AVRISP mkII”:

7. Finally, click in the Tools -> Burn Bootloader menu item


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