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Pocketalker Pro Vs Ultra

October 3rd, 2015

William's sound make two great products for those who have hearing loss - the earlier model is called Pocketalker Pro which seems to have been modified for looks and control to Ultra. Both of these are available in about the same price at $119. In this article, I will go through differences between them to help you decide which one to buy. You can learn a detailed review of the Pockettalker Ultra model that I own and have used here



The picture above best describes the difference. The Pro model was the one developed earlier and, it looks like Williams' sound either used and off the shelf enclosure or did not invest its time and energy in designing an enclosure that will look different, curvy. The ultra fits in you hand nicely. It also has a clip that you can hook in you belt or trouser. But eventually, the looks does not matter as far as the function is concerned. Personally I do not bother about the looks. I do not give any preference to one or other based upon its external appearance.

Tone Control is external in Ultra

The Ultra model has two knobs, one is obviously for volume control. The Pro model has volume control on the top side. And that is the only external control the Pro Model has.


The Ultra model has another knob for tone control. This is positioned symmetrically with Volume Control knob at the other side. The tone control can be adjusted to allow either the low frequency or the high frequency to be amplified. The Pro model has the tone control inside it. You will have to open the battery compartment to adjust the tone control. This is not really a disadvantage, since tone control is a one time process. Once you have adjusted the tone based upon your hearing loss, you are done - you don't need to adjust it too often. In fact the tone control knob in the Ultra model get inadvertently changed ( for example while taking it out from pocket ),which needs to be adjusted again.


The Pro Model uses two AA batteries, while the Ultra model has AAA. However, the both the models has the same 100 Hours of advertised battery life. We therefore expect that the ultra model is more power efficient.

In Pro model you can use the rechargeable batteries. It also has a socket that can be used to recharge the batteries without taking it out. You can use the rechargeable batteries in Ultra model also, but it does not has any socket to let you charge the batteries.


Belt Clips

The ultra model come with a socket in which the provided clip can be attached. You can then hook it in your trouser.


The Pro model does not come with belt clip. But it comes with a case. You can keep the Pro in the case and the case can be hooked to you belt.


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