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Parts used in Picoscope 5000 USB Oscilloscope

September 28th, 2015

Picoscope 5000 Series is a 200 MHz, 1 Giga Samples per second USB Oscilloscope at not so affordable price of $1805 ( for its highest end model 5244A in this series). Let us take a look at some key components used in the design.

A/D Converter

Arctic Silicon Devices ASD5020 has been used for the A/D Converter. It has 4 Channels, but you will need to use only one channel and 8 bit mode ( It allows 12 bit mode at reduced sampling rate) to get maximum sampling rate of 1000 Mega Samples per second.


It takes in the 4 differential data as its input and then gives the converted digital output on 4 SPI Bus. This can then be sampled by the FPGA for further processing.


Arctic Silicon Devices has been bought by Hittite Microwave Corporation and the new part has a similar part numbering under the banner of Hittite.

Update 12/06/2015

Hittite Microwave Corporation has in turn been acquired by Analog Devices and the new part number for this part is HMCAD1520TR ( Digikey shows its price at 93.4656 in quantity of 500).


Xilinx Spartan 6, BGA part XC6SLX25 has been used for communication between the Cypress microcontroller and the A/D Converter.



The part marking shows D9PXV with Micron Logo( using Micron's part decoder ). It is 256 Mega bit or 32 Megabyte part. I think that I could be good idea to explore multi chip parts that are 512 Megabits or 64 Megabits. They do need extra chip select pins.



The Cypress CY7C68013A-SG part will sit between the FPGA and the USB interface.


Signal Generator AD9744

Analog Devices AD9744 is used for signal generator.


A video of this Oscilloscope is posted here.


  1. MrW0lf
    March 19th, 2017 at 10:38 | #1

    D9PXV is 4Gbit part (256Mbit*16). Top model has 512MS memory.

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