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OrCAD Vs Design Entry HDL ( Concept HDL)

March 26th, 2013

Cadence has two different ways of allowing you to enter schematics. The first is OrCAD - which is more popularly used by most designers. OrCAD impresses with its intuitive appeal and it looks like it was developed by the engineers and for the engineers, or may be there was a good communication between the software engineers and the hardware designers. OrCAD was not a native part of Allegro's Cadence. Cadence purchased OrCAD and integrated its Schematics drawing tool with its popular Layout tool.

Design Entry HDL ( previously known as Concept HDL), is the second of the two schematics entry tool. It was developed as a native Schematics Design Entry tool with many more options than provided by OrCAD. For example, you can enter the details of a component through an XL sheet. We have the concept of Verilog modules which can be handy if you are integrating and performing simulation with Verilog ( or VHDL) at module level. Design Entry also has a number of versatile support, like Constraint management, which comes handy for High Speed designs.

However, the Design Entry HDL is not intuitive. The learning curve is longer and the number of files required to manage the library and the project is large. With OrCAD you just need one file - the .dsn file.

Reference Designer has recently started providing beginner level training for Design Entry HDL in addition to OrCAD. Please contact us for any of your training needs.

You can also check out online learning materials for Design Entry HDL and OrCAD .


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