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Notixed Kickstarted shipping update 3/2/2017

March 2nd, 2017

As some of you may have already noticed in your incoming message, the shipping of Notixed has started, and it should be in the hands of few of you this week end.

More specifically, we have already shipped out the single Notixed to US as well out of US backers. We have packaged shipment for the remaining backers and these will ship through this weekend. By Monday we expect to ship to all of the backers.

International backers should allow three weeks before contacting us for non receipt of the unit.

We had some bad experience with the shipment of our previous HubPiWi Blue project and we had more than complaint about the non arrival of the units. This had happened because one of the packets (that had about 50 boxes) that was supposed to be shipped to our drop shipper in UK, was lost.

We are taking special care this time and we expect that the complaint will be fairly less.

We once again than everyone who supported and backed Notixed.

One last thing - the newer Raspberry Pi Zero W has arrived. We also ordered one but have not received yet. However, we have checked the images of the Bottom side of the PCB and it looks like they have not changed the location of the test points. So the good news is that the Notixed should work on the Raspberry Pi Zero W. If anyone can confirm this - it will be great.


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