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Multimedia Audio System design for Video Conference

March 5th, 2014

The Audio system design that used Microphone and a speaker during video conferencing poses a number of challenges. The writer had to face a number of issues and yes, reinvented the vehicle at may steps. We expect that the reader may want to benefit from the experiences of the writer. So here goes the list

1. If the speaker volume is supposed to be high, keep the speaker as far from the microphone as possible. This is especially true when the system is supposed to be used as Speakerphone system.

2. In Microphone design, use a pre amplifier place physically next to the microphone. If we place the amplifier slightly away from the Microphone, the traces may pick up RF noise. This noise will get amplified at later stage reducing Signal to Noise Ratio.

3. Analyze the return path of the Analog section. Contrary to popular beliefs, the writer "thinks" that digital signal ground returns "may be" mixed with analog ground, provided, the digital signal return current is extremely small ( few hundred micro Amps to under a milli amp). All circuits drawing heavier current should be interfere with the Analog ground ( Again analyze the return path physically).

4. Keep the Audio Amplifier as close to the power supply section as possible. They take large current when operating in full swing and there is a potential of electrical echo for which no software solution exist.

5. Do not operate the Codec at its max setting for Headphone or the Line Output. The high current taken by Codec has the potential of causing electrical feedback.

6. Keep the microphone input section as far from direct RF generating signals.

7. Keep the speaker initial stage as far from RF signal as possible.


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