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Introducing PiSerialixed

September 23rd, 2017

To use a Raspberry Pi 3, you need an HDMI TV, and HDMI Cable and at least a keyboard. The board then boots up showing console messages right on the Television. This method works, however, it needs a TV and a keyboard, which may not be convenient all the times.

This is where PiSerilaxed comes into picture. It is a tiny little board that slips in the USB Port of your laptop on one end and on the 5 Pins of the 40 Pin Connector on the Raspberry Pi 3 board. When you power on the Raspberry Pi board, it shows console messages on the Serial Port of your laptop.

Here are the steps needed to use your Pi Serialixed

1. Download the latest version of the Raspbian stretch lite and burn your SD Card.
2. On the SD card there is a file called config.sys - open this file and add the following line in the end


3. Insert this SD card into Raspberry Pi 3.

4. Now insert the Pi Serialixed in the Raspberry Pi 3 with 5 Pins of PiSerialixed aligning exactly with the outermost 5 corner pins
of Raspberry Pi 3.

5. Now insert the Pi Serialixed in your Laptop and check computer -> Properties -> Device Manager. Check the COM Port Number of the Serial Port.

It should show up something similar to this



6. Download Putty if you do not have and open the Serial Port with the settings as follows

7. Now power on the Raspberry Pi 3 and you should see the console message.

Enjoy your PiSerialixed.


  1. fabien uhart
    December 7th, 2017 at 18:52 | #1


    I have some problem with running the PiSerialixed.

    I have my raspberry that already works and I made changes such as:

    sudo raspi-config
    Select option 5, Interfacing options, then option P6, Serial

    I connected to the 5th pine

    Putty with the good com ...

    and nothing ...

  2. admin
    December 30th, 2017 at 17:27 | #2

    Did you add the following line in the file config.sys


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