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International Shipping of Hubpixed

April 6th, 2016

The hubpixed has been shipped to all the US Backers. By now all the US backers should have received it. We have generally good feeback from those who have used it. Mark uploaded the following picture on flicker .


This is Mark's comment

Added a "hubpixed" four port USB hub to the piZero I use as a status projector... makes it easier to keep the wifi antenna vertical, when it's not hooked up through an adapter cable. (Assembly is no-fuss: four screws, pogo pins on the underside of the hub connect to test-pads on the underside of the piZero.) A solid approach, especially for a system I wasn't going to bother putting into a case anyway...

I hope others will also share their experience as well.

The international shipping is unfortunately delayed. We managed to find someone in UK who is going to deliver it locally in UK. We also found a source that can ship locally in Canada. For other countries, including EU, we do not have a distribution in place.

To complicate the matter a little more, we are close to out of stock and replenishment stock that was supposed to arrive by now has been delayed and is now expected to be in stock by April 13, and this is when the International shipping will resume.

We again apologize to everyone outside US for the delay. But it allowed us to learn about the supply chain and we hope to be better prepared for our next project on kickstarter.


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