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International shipping of Book - "Signal Integrity for PCB Designers" and other tidbids

April 11th, 2013

At referencedesigner.com we also sell the book "Signal Integrity for PCB Designers" directly for $40 ( as compared to $55 at amazon). Buyers can buy the book either at amazon or at referencedesigner.com. There is no difference in the book, Edition or print format. We just pass the saving that otherwise goes to Amazon.

We still find difficulty in shipping the book Internationally. We had trouble with one of the buyers who purchased the book and wanted it to be shipped at Brazil. While we still accommodated the request and the book was shipped by USPS, the buyer complained a week later that the book was not received. There was a lot of communication and eventually a compliant with Paypal was filed by the buyer. It looked embarrassing for us trying to justify our stand that the book was indeed been shipped. We absorbed the international shipping cost ( $20), that left almost no margin for the $40 book. But we finally heard from the buyer that he received the book delayed substantially, almost over a month, after shipment. He was also kind enough to withdraw complaint from paypal. Sigh of Relief !!!

More recently Mansi Research purchased the book and wanted it shipped at its India Address. We communicated our concerns of international shipment and our earlier bad experience. They were quick to send their UPS account number. The book was promptly shipped and tracking number communicated.

We have therefore clearly indicated on the Book Sale page that

The book will only ship in US. If you are planning for International shipping please write us at info at referencedesigner.com. It may incur additional charges.

There are other events happening at referencedesigner.com. A request for the OrCAD pspice tutorial was received from Abhinand Rao.

I am a student learning orcad capture, i read through your website it helped me but i wanted to ask you if you could please post a tutorial on simulations on ORCAD capture, i.e explaining all the analysis from transient to ac sweep & their subtopics eg secondary sweep,monte carlo, parameter sweep.
I actually am struggling to get an answer for this question can i get a curve where in i use a dc sweep analysis i am sweeping current on x axis & voltage on y axis but i also want the curve for different frequencies, i.e i also want to sweep the frequency along with current is it possible.
please help me.


While we do use Pspice occasionally, we never put up the tutorial for it. We are not sure when we can upload the tutorial, but it is something in our radar. Possibly this weekend (by April 14, 2013) or the next week end. Stay tuned.

In the meantime we also put up a lot of software tutorials. Please check the following pages in Java tutorial

Java For Loop
Java Break Continue
Java Switch Statement
Ternary Conditional Statement
Compound Assignment Statement
Array in Java
2D Array in Java

We also started the Java GUI tutorial. You may like to check the Java Swing Tutorial .

One more thing - a number of our tutorial have not gone through proof reading. So you may come across some typos and other errors. We encourage you to bring these errors to our notice. We have a plan to go through all the text material and fix them, but we do not know when.


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