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Intel Sandy Bridge Core i7-2600K i7-2600S i7-2600 processors

October 6th, 2010

Intel Core i7 processor Extreme edition model has 12 threads, which maximize its performance. The concept of multi-task processing is meant to enable every core in the processor to do simultaneously two tasks as everyone is looking for smart multitasking. The forthcoming Sandy Bridge processors from Intel will retain the i7, i5 and i3 branded names, which Intel had introduced with its processors named as Clarkdale and Arrandale.

Sandy Bridge is likely to be launched at the end of year 2010 or early in 2011. The new core i7- 2600K and core i7-2600 will be the Intel’s processors giving the highest performance when released.
It is to be noted that both i7-200k as well as i7 -2600 parts have wattage of 95 W. The other core i7-2600S is only 65 W.
Intel has designed its Sandy Bridge i7- 2600k processor for those over clockers interested in faster performance and it will have an overclocking enabled feature.
Both core i7-2600k and core i7- 2600 have frequency rating of 3.4 Giga Hertz. At the same time, i7-2600 S is designed with 2.8 Hz frequency. These three processors fall in the category of quad core parts. All of them are with hyper threading enabled. The significance of hyper threading is that there are 8 threads working simultaneously in each.
All these processors will constitute turbo chargers, which will be enabled functionally in them and will operate on a frequency of 3.8 Hz. Moreover, all of them will have L3 cache of 8 MB.
The very important and noteworthy characteristic in these processors is that they have advanced integrated graphics for a superior performance. According to Intel, the performance of these processors will be almost double of the Arrandale and Clarkdale processors. There are a few results, which substantiate the genuine claim of Intel in achieving these standards.
In addition, there are vital improvements in the design of Sandy Bridge processors as compared to the older Arrandale and Clarkdale processors. Arrandale and Clarkdale had the integrated memory controller and Graphic Units (GPU) built using the 45nm technology, while their core was made employing 32nm technology. The CPU and GPU memory controller in Sandy Bridge processors are based on 32nm technology. There is another remarkable difference. The L3 cache is shared with GPU and assists to boost up the performance of GPU.
In addition, sandy Bridge processors will have dual channel DDR3-1600.
The Sandy Bridge processors are anticipated to give a substantially improved performance. The gamers will be getting maximum advantages of its double performance in graphics. We look forward to a sea change in the performance in relation to the price.


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