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Intel Core i3 Vs Core 5 processor comparison

October 3rd, 2010


Intel core i3 and core i5 processors have been a great hit and has been part of most of the notebooks and desktops launched recently. For core i3 the most popular parts have been the core i3-330M and core i3-350M and, for core i5, the most popular parts have been core i5-450M. The intel i3-330M is  a 2.13GHz processor while i3-350M is a 2.26 GHz processor. The big brother core i5-450M is a 2.4 GHz part. Anothe part in the core i5 series - the core i5-430M has a nominal core frequency of 2.26 gHz.

The core i5 processors are more expensive than the core i3 processors. You will find core i5 processors in more expensive notebooks, typically starting at $800 with some top of the line as expensive as $1500. The core i3 based notebooks are available for, somewhere around $600 to $900 depending upon other configuration.

The basic difference between the core i3 and the core i5 processors is the turbo boost functionality. The turbo boost functionality temporarily increases the processor frequency to cope with  the sudden increase in the demand in the processing power.  In real world, this is exactly what happens. In real world 95% of the time you perform task that do not demand high processing power - you basically do word precessing, internet browsing, email checking, spread sheet and other small thing.  What actually happens is there are moments when there is spike in the processing power, for example, you are opening a spreadsheet while you are surfing and at the same time your anti virus program just started. This leads to sudden processing power demand, lasting for 30 seconds or so. What intel core i5 processor will do is that - it will increase the processor frequency to cope with  the sudden demand.

There are some advantages with the turbo boost design. It allows design of the notebooks that can have longer battery life without sacrificing the processing power. The turbo boost feature helps keep the processor cool which increases the reliability of the notebooks designed with it. The intel core i5-450M, for example has a nominal core frequency of 2.4 GHz , while the its turbo frequency is 2.66 GHz.

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