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Hubpixed - USB Hub for Raspberry Pi Zero

January 24th, 2016

Vikas Shukla

Today, I had a chance to finalize the Hub board for Raspberry Pi Zero. If you already had a chance to play with Raspberry Pi zero, you know that it is a useless stuff without a USB Hub, external or integrated. Most solutions available at present are based upon external USB hub, powered or otherwise. There are some solutions that tries to mix and match a USB board with this board, but are not free from wiring.

This is where Hubpixed comes into play. Here is a quick look at this hub.


There are three USB ports on the same side as the connectors on the original board and the forth is along the width of the board. The key thing about this board is the use of Pogo Pin on its top side. There are 4 pogo pins, two for USBs and remaining two for the 5V and GND.

The board will mount with its top aligning with the bottom of the raspberry Pi zero. The alignment has to be perfect, else the pogo pins may short. We will also have to be careful with the surface mount pogo pins as they may break with slight pressure. The 4 mounting holes on the hubpixed need to align perfectly and then can be screwed with the raspberry Pi.

The solution is based upon highly integrated low cost FE1.1s USB Hub. It integrated the 1.5K pull up resistors, reset circuit, 33V regulator, 1.8V regulator, capacitors for the 12 MHz crystal. The result is a very small Bill of Materials.

The future plan is to remove one of the 4 USB connectors and place a low cost Wifi into the same board. There is a UM12BS USB Wifi Module available at Aliexpress (http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/wifi-module-RTL8188EUS-RTL8188-NEW-ORIGINAL-2PCS-LOT/1153138_32240202795.html) - it says something like $2 each (When you buy in volume the shipping cost per unit goes down).

Hoping to get back when the Hub board is up and running.


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