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HubPi Cam (USB Hub,Camera and Case) for Raspberry pi zero W

March 7th, 2017

We are glad to launch our new product HubPi Cam. With the launch of Raspberry pi 0 W recently we launched HubPi Cam which is integrated with USB hub,Camera and a case for Raspberry pi 0 W.It does not require any soldering with Raspberry pi zero W, you can connect it through its pogo pins. It supports other Raspberry pie versions and also supports external USB dongles for Wifi,Bluetooth etc.

The Camera

Camera is the key feature of this product. Why to buy only camera at $30 when you can buy HubPi Cam (camera+USB hub+case) at $45? Obviously HubPiwi is a better option if you are wise enough. A high definition camera is connected with HubPi Cam through four pin connector.


The On Board USB Connector for Expansion

One important feature of this product is that, it has the ability to expand through four pin header. You may hook Arduino like design on the USB. The PCB for this design is shown in the picture below.


The Case

The Case is a mechanical enclosure for Raspberry pi 0 W and HubPI Cam. See the right picture below,you can see a single hole that is for the camera and its front side of the case. The left picture is a rear side and it has three connectors for Raspberry pi 0 W and two USB connectors. You can place Raspberry pi 0 W on the bottom of case and above that your HubPi-Cam. Then you can connect your HubPi Cam with Raspberry pi 0 W. This case provides safety and pleasant look.

usbpi3 usbpi4

What can you do with HubPi Cam

Be imaginative a bit and you can do for example the following things with HubPi-Cam

1. Hook this to non smart electricity meters to read readings.

2. Hook it to your Door inside and Activate the camera when some comes in front of your door so it can act like your security device

3. Take some video sequences



Risks and challenges

Risk and challenges involves production cost of machanical enclosure and delivery of product. Reference designer provides extra hub board if its unable to deliver mechanical enclosure. Challenges will be more as the number of customers grow.






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