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HubPi Cam - 3D Printed Case arrives.

March 22nd, 2017

It has been over 15 days since the HubPi Cam was listed in kickstarter. The initial response was phenomenal with close to $2000 funded within 1st day itself. We believe that this was mostly driven by the trust our previous backers of Hubpixed, HubPiWi , HubPiWi Blue and Notixed has in our products.



The subsequent response was not as great, possibly because we did not made any cautious effort to publicize our product or the solution. In the meantime we worked on our enclosure design and released two samples of it for 3D printing. This arrived us last week and we are please to provide you some glimpses of the case.






The box looks cute and everything aligns perfectly with the Raspberry Pi Zero ( or the Pi Zero W for that matter). It also aligns perfectly with our board that has a camera connector. We will be posting some more picture and a video in another post.

The enclosure design follows three steps.

  1. Design the case in a 3D Software like Solidworks.
  2. Get 3D Print of the Design ( they will need the STL files)
  3. Verify that the  3D Print works good.
  4. Modify the design to make changes
  5. For volume manufacturing you will need to get the mould built up - it is typically $10K expense. So you need volume here. They will ask for STEP files.
  6. if you are asking the services of a mechanical design engineer, make sure you have the solidworks design files, STL files and the STEP files. Make it easy for future design changes.

While everything looks good, we have at present issue in step 5 above. To be cost effective we need a volume of at least 500 ( 1000 will be great). Otherwise the economy of the project will not work. We therefore request the current backers to support this project. If we do not see much demand for this project we will have no option but to cancel it.



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