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Import text from file in Allegro PCB

February 25th, 2017

In many cases, you need to import text saved in a  file in the Allegro PCB. A common example is the text about the PCB stack up stored in a text file. You may want to have a common text file that you include in all the PCB designs, so that you do not have to include the same text again and again.

We assume that you already have a text file that has the content you want to import.

All you have to do is go to Add -> Text.


Then click at the place where you want to place the text ( you can move it later) and then click the right mouse button and select "Read from File". You can then point to the file you want to import the text from and you are done.


If you repeatedly use same text ( in for example Drill Drawing text), you can save the text as a sub drawing and then import the subdrawing in other designs. Let us say, your design A.brd has standard text. You need to open the A.brd file then go to File -> Export -> Subdrawing and then Select the text you want to export. It will prompt for the Filename you wnt to save it as. Let us call it DrillDrawingtext

Now you want to import this file to B.brd. Place the file DrillDrawingtext.clp that you imported in the same directory as your B.brd. Now go to File-> Import -> Subdrawing and it will list the the File DrillDrawingtext.clp that you placed in the director. Click it and place the text you want to.

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