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Get HubPiWi Blue

September 9th, 2017

The HubPiWi Blue is in stock and up for sale!

Order your HubPiWi Blue today!:

Introducing The HubPiWI Blue. 

The essential add-on for the Pi Zero.

The Pi Zero is a tiny $5 computer. It is very powerful; but without WiFi, Bluetooth, and any USB Ports it is not very useful.

The HubPiWI Blue is an add-on board for the Pi Zero containing Bluetooth, WiFi, and 3 USB ports.  The best part is that there is no soldiering required. Just screw in 4 screws and your ready to roll.

The HubPiWI Blue is more cost effective and saves you from the hassle of buying components from different places.

That means you'll save $6.50! Impressive!

less complicated setup...

No more wires getting in the way! And your 3 USB Ports are still vacant!

Order The HubPiWi Blue:


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