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Dynex DX-CRMN1 Teardown

October 3rd, 2015

The Dynex DX-CRMN1 has no screw at all. You will need to separate the top enclosure using a knife that should not be very difficult. This part seems to be made of some kind of transparent plastic, to allow the two LEDs to be viewed.


Inside the outer enclosure is a two piece inner enclosure in which the Dynex DX-CRMN1 sits. Remove this two piece enclosure and the PCB can be seen, which has components on its both sides.

The top side has the SD Card socket, the USB Connector and the 12 MHz Crystal. It also has two LEDs on the side opposite to the USB Connector.

The bottom side of the PCB has a socket for the Micro SD Card. The board has only one chip IT1336-64D.


On further investigation, it turns out to be USB2.0 Multi Card Reader Controller from ITE Tech . The part comes in three different packages and this one is one with 64 pins and can support two Cards.

The block diagram specifies the inner details of the IT1336-64D


The chip has an in built 3.3V regulator that can be used if required. It consumes 20 mA current when card is not inserted. One of my curiosity is to check power consumption level with Card inserted and in data transfer.


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