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Making SD Card Copy using Dynex DX-CRMN1 - review

October 3rd, 2015

I have been using Dynex DX-CRMN1 for making copies of SD Card for a while. My requirements are not huge, basically about 50 to 100 Memory cards every month. Since these comes very cheap - like under $2, I have a bunch of these - about 10 of them. I hook them on a powered USB Hub and its works like a charm.


Transferring Photos and Videos

Transferring pictures and videos to and from this card should be easy. All you need to do is, plug the SD Card into the card reader and hook it to your computer using the USB Cable ( provided). It will detect the SD Card and you can view it as a directory. I have not used it much for copying files or pictures. My main usage has been to make copies of SD Card.

Duplicating SD Cards

To make copies of SD card, the HDD Raw copier tool from HDD Guru comes handy. You need to first copy the source file from a master SD Card in a file. And then you can copy from the file to the SD Card using the Dynex DX-CRMN1. If you wish to create multiple copies simultaneously, just make copies of the copied file and start multiple instances of the HDD Raw copy software. The software does not allow single file to be copied to multiple SD Cards. This is not really a problem as there is plenty of space on the hard disk - I have like 700 GB Hard disk and I the SD Card that I need to copy is only 4 GB.

LED Indication

The DX-CRMN1 has two LEDs - one of them is a power LED and other is a DATA LED. The Data LED is lit when a SD Card is inserted. When there is a Data transfer, the Data Transfer LED blinks. Once the Data transfer is complete, you will notice that the Data Transfer LED turns Solid green.

Data Transfer Rate

Using the HDD Guru software, I have observed the Data Transfer rate to be 8 Megabytes per second. For a 4 GB Card, it takes about 8 to 9 minutes to completely copy full 4 GB.

If your need for creating multiple copies of SD Card is not huge ( like 10 or 20 a day), this can be an inexpensive way of creating SD Card copies. There are also linux scripts that will do the copying job to multiple SD Cards with one single script, saving you some time. I have yet to explore this though.

My curiosity did not end here, and I opened up the card to look inside it. Read the next post for teardown of Dynex DX-CRMN1.

Vikas Shukla


  1. June 10th, 2016 at 22:35 | #1

    I have an DX CRMN1 reader & haven't used it for years! I can't remember how to open it past the rubber thumb opening that only has the 2 portals - the micro SD & the mini SD side. Aren't there at least 4 portals?? Can't remember how to open the thing! It does open - right??? Hope you can help!

    Lost in Texas

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