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Designing Low cost 4 Port USB Hub

January 23rd, 2016

Vikas Shukla
Jan 23, 2015

Having evaluated the Raspberry Pi zero , I started digging into low cost USB Design Hub option, as Raspberry Pi is almost useless without a USB Hub. This is the subject of this post.

FE1.1s 4 Port Hub - It looks like a Chinese firm called http://jfd-ic.com/ and the strange looking part name FE1.1s is a low cost USB Hub ( typically $0.50) and is promising with the downside that, it does not has any detection and protection option for over current. But is could be a good option if you are using it for some evaluation or educational purpose in projects like Raspberry Pi. You can check its datasheet here . It comes in easy to solder ( if you do not mind soldering by hand for prototypes).


USB2514BQFN36The Microchips' USB2514B is another more popular USB hub IC that comes with over current detection and control pins. This, in conjunction with MIC2026-1YM can be used to design a USB hub that can also detect over current. The only downside of this chip could the that - it is slightly expensive at $1.92 each in large quantity ( digikey price). If you are designing any professional project, this is the chip to go. You will also need to take care of ESD protection and the Common Mode choke if you were to get the EMI approval from agencies.


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