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HubPiWi Blue reported working with Jan ( 2017-1-11) Raspebian

March 1st, 2017

I received an email from Jay Fallah who reported the procedure to update the Raspbian 2017-1-11 lite to make it work with the HubPiWi Blue. I am just reproducing the steps.

Down the latest raspbian 2017-1-11 lite version
got the ssh running and ssh’d to it.

installed cmake, git, build-essential

installed linux-headers-4.4.0
installed raspberrypi-kernel-headers

downloaded driver package
git clone

changed Makefile

changed to folder rtl8723bu
sudo make install


He has also reproduced the video of the steps that can be seen here.

I have not verified it. If someone can verify this and let us know in the comment that will be great.