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HubPiWi Blue driver working

September 26th, 2016

It has been a while since our flagship HubPiWi blue has been running successfully at kickstarter. For that last one month we did not post any update on it, and the main reason for this has to do with the driver for the rtl8723bu chipset that is not natively built in the current kernel of raspbiab and therefore does not work out of box.

I had been in touch with Matthew Dipple who had originally integrated the rtl8723bu driver on an earlier version of Raspberry Pi Zero. So I requested him to take a look at the HubPiWi Blue and see if he could get it working with the current version of the raspbian.

After initial hiccups with his hardware setups, yesterday ( 9/26/2016), he reported that he was finally able to get the driver working on the HubPiWi Blue !!! Matt took the pain of writing down all the details and I will direct you to his blog with details of the steps involved in his blog - HubPiWi Blue Drivers on Raspbian Jessie

In next few days we will be testing my HubPiWi blue for stability with these new drivers. If everything goes well, the orders for the manufacturing of about 1000 HubPiWI blue will be placed ( by Oct 1st week). The requirement from the Kickstarter itself is for about 700 units. We expect the preorders for the HubPiWi Blue to be of the order 300 after the end at kickstarter and start of shipping. If you miss pledge at kickstarter, you will have the opportunity to order it at Reference Designer website.

Stay tuned for more updates.