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HubPiWi production batch arrived - up and Running

June 24th, 2016

Today we received the production batch of the HubPiWi - a total of 300 of these. The production batch was ordered in two versions - 100 of these are for Pi Zero 1.2 and earlier and 200 of these are for Pi Zero 1.3 or earlier.

If you do not know, Pi foundation changed the design of Pi Zero and added the Camera Connector on it. Not known are other changes, and which affected the hub based products from Reference Designer - are the locations of the test points for 5V, Ground and USB+, USB- Pin Pairs. These test points were used to extend the connections to the Hubpixed and HubPiWi products of Reference Designer. It means the the Hubpixed and HubPiWi are no more interoperable between Pi Zero 1.2 and 1.3.

The HubPiWi comes in two flavors. Most of us who have purchased it after May 28th more likely need HubPiWi 1.3.

For now we just tested the HubPiwi 1.3 and is looking great. The Signal Strength of Wifi looks great and browsing was a breeze. The shipping will first start with US Customers. We also have a lot of Pre Orders and these will be shipped on first come firs served basis.

We expect that most of the US backers at kickstarter will receive HubPiWi by the end of next week. International backers should start getting these in the next week.

Here are some pictures of HubPiWi 1.3 from production lot.