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Raspberry Pi Zero Hub Shipped

March 29th, 2016

The Raspberry Pi Zero Hub has been shipped to all US kickstarter backers. On Saturday March 19, 2016, we shipped to all who had backed machine assembled hubpixed. On Monday March 28th, 2016, we shipped to "almost all" the US backers. "Almost" because we shipped 3 of them today on March 29th 2016. We also did not get the Address of couple of backers in the survey response. We are sending separate messages to them.

The hubpixed has been shipped from Foxboro MA, so the East coast residents will be the first to get these. The West Coast and Southern State residents may have to wait until the early next week to receive their packet. If you do not receive your packet by early next week, please send us a message on kickstarter or email us. We will be glad to help you.

Please do not forget to share your experiences in other forums, for example, the Raspberry Pi Zero forum, facebook and other hardware hacking forum.

International shipping will commence on Thursday. I wished I had not to deal with International shipping. I am still in the process of figuring out how best to handle International shipment. Few distributors have been contacted and we still have to hear from them.

We will shortly publish the country wise data on the number of kickstarter buyers. Stay tuned and enjoy your cable free Raspberry Pi Hub.

Update 3/30/2016

Following two persons have either not taken survey or have not submitted their addresses. We are awaiting their response to ship hubpixed.

Anthony Van Dine
Michael Bolens

Update 3/30/2016

Received Michael Bolens address and it will ship tomorrow.


Hubpixed - First Lot of 200 arrives

March 23rd, 2016

On March 13, 2016 the funding process for Hubpixed successfully completed raising $3,194 from 125 backers at kickstart. We had ordered the manufacturing of 200 Hubpixed and these were supposed to arrive on March 16 by DHL ( see tracking number In light of this schedule, we had indicated shipping of hubpixed before schedule. However, the DHL driver delivered the packet at a wrong address and the customer support service from DHL were of little. Finally I received some clue from the local DHL manager and based upon that we literally started combing operation in neighborhood of the intended shipping address. We finally located it ( on March 22, 2016) and it was a big relief.

We have tested the manufactured Hubpixed, and it worked like charm. The Keyboards, mouse, the pogo pins all work as expected.

Shipping Schedule

The shipping will commence on March 24th and US recipients will be the first to get hubpixed. We expect to ship to all US customers no later than Monday, March 28th 2016. We expect to ship it to all international customers as well by Wednesday, March 30th 2016.

There is some work involved even after the boards arriving from the manufacturing house. The Pogo Pins are being populated manually. The design is such that one of the USB connectors ( J3) need to be populated after the Pogo Pins are populated. Finally, we add the posts on the board, that will allow easy attachment to the Raspberry Pi Zero. We will post some pictures soon.

Pogo Pin Design Change

Our initial prototype had surface mount Pogo Pins. During the careless handling some of these pogo pins were knocked off. We therefore decided to use the through hole Pogo Pins. We were a little bit nervous, if the things could go wrong in last minute as the through hole pins may turn out to be different. Fortunately, everything worked as expected.

Initial Backers for manual assembly boards

We had indicated that the initial backers will get the boards earlier and these will be manually assembled. Since we found that the machine assembled boards had surface mount pogo pins that gets knocked off, we decided not to ship these to the initial backers. They will now also get the machine assembled one. The first lot of will be shipped to the initial backers.


Hubpixed is all set to finally make it to the customers. We thank everyone who supported this project. If you need any customization to this board, or you need any help with the design please contact at info

This is also the email to contact, if you do not receive your board by April 15, 2016. We will be glad to assist you.